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Anya Stewart Maggs

Poor Image Projects

Poor Image Projects (PIP) is a nomadic event series showcasing audio-visual and moving image art.
Established in 2018 with artist Bethan Hughes.

Photo: Jules Lister. Double 6, Ashley Holmes and R.I.P. Germain, Leeds Town Hall.


The format of PIP events is fluid, shifting between screenings, flash exhibitions, performances and artist talks. In response to the temporary nature of inner-city space and the inherent mobility of AV media, PIP is nomadic, unfolding in various locations across Leeds and beyond.

Events documented by Jules Lister, and graphic design by Jamie Hudson.

PIP has been supported by Lumen Arts, Axis Web, Arts Council England, Leeds Inspired, and the Leeds for Life Foundation. 

PIP has held events as part of Index Festival and Yorkshire Sculpture International, and at The Tetley, Assembly House, Leeds Town Hall, Pavilion, Yorkshire Hub, MAP Charity, University of Leeds, East St Arts’ 34 Boar Lane, The Henry Moore Institute, and BLANK_ University Centre Leeds.

Press and Media:

2019  Corridor 8 Review by Omari Swanston-Jeffers, PIP8: Double 6 by Ashley Holmes and R.I.P.Germain

2019 Poor Image Projects on Sable Radio

2019 Poor Image Projects blogpost by Lumen Arts

2018 Corridor 8 Review by Anna Ratcliffe, PIP 1: Harriet Rickard



PIP 1 Harriet Rickard, 34 Boar Lane, East Street Arts Temporary Space, Leeds, UK
Audio visual installation and performance

PIP 2 Georgia Lucas-Going
, The Tetley, Leeds, UK
Performative lecture

PIP 3 Mud Mask, Mathew Parkin with Charlotte Cullen, University of Leeds, UK
Moving Image screening and readings 


PIP 4 Extension, Patrick Ward, MAP Charity, Hope House, Leeds, UK
Audio visual installation

PIP 5 The Necrotic Biography Room, David Steans, Pavilion, Leeds, UK
Audio visual installation

PIP 6: 9 Billion Names of God, Jamie Hudson, Douglas Dixon-Barker, Victor Svedberg, Yorkshire Hub, Leeds, UK - Index Festival
Audio visual installation

PIP 7: Collision Grounds, Joanne Armitage and Anya Stewart Maggs, Assembly House, Leeds, UK - Index Festival 
Audio visual installation and performance

PIP 8: Double 6, Ashley Holmes and R.I.P. Germain, Former Courtroom, Leeds Town Hall, Leeds, UK - Index Festival 
Audio visual installation and performance

PIP 9 Content Mask Container, Karanjit Panesar, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK - Yorkshire Sculpture International
Experimental Artist Talk

PIP 10: Return [Phase 1], Akeelah Bertram, BLANK_ University Centre Leeds, Leeds, UK
Research and development sharing and artist talk