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Anya Stewart Maggs

Ultiverse (2017-2018)
Akeelah Bertram

Documented series of events, performances, showcases, workshops and interviews between 2017-18. 

In 2018, Ultiverse engaged live audiences and collaborators to build the conversational environment and create a live Encounter. The Encounter is an emotive journey inspired by the migration experiences of residents in Leeds.
In the environment audience movement triggers voices, sounds and light responses. A collaboration residency at Union 105 resulted in a special event at The Tetley for Light Night Leeds. 

Watch the video for: The Encounter 2018

In 2017, artist Akeelah Bertram, invited technologist Joanne Armitage and composer Aron Kyne to undertake a 30 day R&D to introduce complex interactions to Ultiverse.  Series of 3 public facing events where the technology and themes were tested and discussed, and feedback was gathered from the audience. 

Watch the video for: Ultiverse R&D 2017