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Anya Stewart Maggs

An Eye To Notice Them (2019)

Artist moving image screening at Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds, Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019

When the screen offers both limitations and boundless potential, artists working within film and moving image explore a ground in which materiality and
ideas around the physical can be presented in new and challenging ways.

Within this programme, a concern for the labour of the body, commodification, process and mimicry are explored through different realities and representations.
Performed, stretched and layered within the screen, they open up dialogues between digital and physical worlds, and force us to reckon with these overlapping and
contesting environments, ones which we inhabit on a daily basis.

Supported by The Hyde Park Picture House, and Yorkshire Sculpture International,  Anya from Poor Image Projects and Eleanor Rambellas Roche are excited to present
this programme of five artist moving image works.


Spin Spin Spin Little Thornton Zoetrope, Rhian Cooke, 2 minutes, 2019
If A Then B, Jasleen Kaur, 10 minutes, 2017
Sharla Shabana Sojourner Selena, Rehana Zaman, 22 minutes, 2016
The Flashes, Bethan Hughes, 5 minutes, 2019
LHB, Charlotte Prodger, 20 minutes, 2017

Still from If A then B (2017), Jasleen Kaur